New Release of OpenELIS implemented at the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory

The Missouri State Public Health Laboratory (MSPHL) successfully implemented the latest release of OpenELIS at the end of July.  The release included multiple updates to OpenELIS including a newly redesigned Web Portal.  Once access is granted, submitters use this portal to retrieve Final Result Reports on samples that have been submitted to the laboratory.  A few of the new features allow users to:

  • View their results easier via a tablet, laptop and cell phones including Apple iOS and Android devices.  
  • Search for samples by domain.
  • Export the complete patient’s address and the provider’s phone number into a spreadsheet.
  • Export Sample level QA Events into a spreadsheet.
  • View the patient’s date of birth and gender on the Final Report View, Maternal Screen View, On Hold Maternal Screen View and Final Report Statewide View screens.
  • Receive email notifications on samples that are assigned a specific project.

Over the last couple of months, the MSPHL has worked hard to thoroughly test this new release to ensure that all new functionality is working appropriately, and current functionality was not affected. We expect the expansion of the web portal and the additional new features will provide improvements to the MSPHL processes.  For more information about the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory, visit their website at  For more information regarding updates to the Web Portal, visit this website: OpenELIS Web Portal Updates Coming Soon

Congratulations Missouri State Public Health Laboratory!